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Edventure specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of games and activities to primary schools throughout the UK. Edventure was formed by a retiring headteacher who believes it is vital to encourage children to be active and engaged in cooperative games at playtimes to improve social skills and behaviour.

Research shows that children who do daily physical exercise are more able to concentrate in the classroom and therefore improve their learning outcomes. Over the years many primary schools have introduced Edventure’s range of activities into the playground and as a result children return to their classroom feeling refreshed and ready to learn. 

Likewise, children properly engaged with other children during playtime improves self esteem, communication and behaviour throughout the school community.  Schools which have adopted robust playtime policies with the aid of Edventure games and resources no longer experience significant issues with children being isolated and bullied.

Edventure has now grown to be the market leading specialist in games and activities which have been specifically designed to withstand the rigours of a school environment. Our comprehensive range includes many traditional outdoor activities which are safe to use in a busy playground and a wide variety of indoor games for those wet rainy days. 


Our philosophy

Edventure endeavours to provide a safe and perfect environment for children to continue their learning and development through play opportunities at break-time. We aim to provide the most engaging games and activities in the marketplace that will captivate both children and teachers alike and result in healthier, better behaved and happier children.

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